Irrisense develop, manufacture and supply systems which monitor and control the environments in which plants grow.

Our solutions enable horticulturists and commercial growers to maximise the health of their plants and crops while promoting efficient use of natural resources.

Our hardware, software and cloud-based services can be used in a wide variety of applications, from open field monitoring through to controlled environment agriculture, vertical farms and living walls.

Monitor parameters critical to plant health
Optimise & control growth conditions
View data and set control parameters remotely
Share results and optimise decision making processes
Easy-to-use with flexible pricing plans

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Monitoring Solutions

Connect horticultural and environmental sensors to the cloud and access measurement data online.

Control Solutions

Control irrigation, fertigation & environmental control equipment automatically from remote locations.

Data & Cloud Solutions

Share results, set alarms, receive alerts and define growth conditions via our secure web platform.


Field Crops

Monitor soil and environmental parameters at remote locations with our easy-to-use and cost-effective sensing and telemetry systems


Understand and optimise greenhouse growth conditions through autonomous sensing and intelligent control of valves, pumps, vents & blinds

Vertical Farms

Maximise the performance of vertical farming systems through optimised growth parameters, recipe-based fertigation and environmental control

Urban Landscapes

Reduce maintenance costs through remote sensing and control of both horizontal and vertical growth environments in built-up areas