Stay Informed and in Control of Your Growth Environments

Irrisense supply monitoring and control solutions to support the requirements of contemporary precision horticulture.

Our systems enable users to optimise the conditions under which plants grow, maximise crop yield and remain informed if the unexpected occurs.

Our hardware is modular so it can be configured for use in a wide range of applications, from open-field monitoring, through to commercial hydroponics and urban growth environments.

We know that each application has a different set of requirements, so we advise our customers when choosing the best system configuration for their needs and provide them with long-term support in its operation.

Easy-to-Use Technology

Our plug-&-play hardware links a wide range of agricultural and environmental sensors to the web via WiFi or mobile phone network connections.

Once connected, sensor data is logged and sent to the cloud where it is stored and users can access it using the Irrisense web-service.

Data can be shared and used to take informed decisions regarding the current and future state of a growth environment. The status of equipment used to aid plant growth such as pumps and valves can also be monitored.

Measurement values and historical trends in data can be used as inputs to automatic control routines. Routines set growth parameters back at the growth site or raise alarms when values fall outside of user-defined limits.

When commands are receive back at the growth site, they are used to control pumps, valves, blinds, heaters, illumination and other hardware to realise a fully autonomous growth environment control system.

Intuitive Data-Management, Analytics & Site Control

With Irrisense you are always in touch with your data and in control of your growth environment.

Our web-application allows data to be viewed, shared and integrated with 3rd-party information in the cloud, such as weather forcasts or satellite imaging to support and improve agricultural decision making processes.

Users can define there own growth recipes that are used to control the irrigation, fertigation and environment conditions in which plants grow. This saves money by removing the need to employ permanent specialist horticultural expertise at the growth site.

Being web-based means that uses can access data and stay informed at anytime and from anywhere with an Internet connection. Simply log-on to your account, select your locations dashboard and access you data on your smartphone, tablet or PC.

Naturally, your data and site control is safe through secure account access. The ability for users with access to a site to view data and modify parameters is defined using access rights set through the site administrator.

Flexible Sensing & Control Options

In precision horticutlture, bad data is worse than no data.

For this reason Irrisense hardware has been designed to operate with high qualtity professional-grade sensors from leading suppliers.

Our system can connect to many sensor types and measure a wide variety of parameters, such as air and irrigant temperature, pH and electrical conductivity of solutions, photosynthetically active radiation, moisture in soil and growth media, leaf-wetness and relative humidity.

We also supply our own range of sensors for the measurement of parameters where no cost-effective or reliable solution exists on the market.

Our background in electronics and software engineering means that we have extensive experience working with new sensor technologies originating from academia and research and development.

If you have a sensor technology that you would like to integrate with our system, then please contact us.